Jewels and How to safeguard them


There are many natural materials called minerals, which are of different values and benefits. While some of these minerals are highly precious and widely accepted, others are not really known especially due to their little value. There are some of these natural materials that are used by man for ornaments just the way some are used for energy. Those used for ornamental purposes are called precious stones like gold, diamonds, gem, etc.

In making jewels, there are many processes involved starting from the extraction of the crude natural minerals to finishing of the product. Gold for example, it exists in the earth crust as raw metallic gold. When in this state, it is said to be impure gold with little or no lustre. The impure gold is extracted or mined and washed. The process of washing is called purification of gold. When finally purified, the pellets are then modified into various forms of jewels. Most of the precious stones follow the same processes of purification like the gold described above.

When these natural gem stones and ornaments are finished, many types of jewels are formed with different and varying designs and patterns. Some of the ornaments are made into bracelets, some into utensils and some into necklaces and many other things. The major different among these forms is the pattern and design of each jewel.

In making jewels, there are some types that are woven and make into rod like shape, usually worn as necklaces; these are used in most cases for party and occasions. The other type, like chain, is generally worn by women in home and some informal gathering. In case of gold, the quality is usually measured in term of carats.

In addition, these natural nuggets are things of high value and need to be protected where acquired. Most people lose their jewels to arm robbers or in accidents. Be it at home or when travelling, men of the underworld know the worth of these precious materials and could lay ambush for so as to have it by all means. They should be carried with care so as to protect them from being lost.Enjoy you holidays with peace of mind knowing that you and your precious jewellery are well protected.