V?k Prj?nsd?ttir

This has been around for a few years, we just wanted to remember it’s awesomeness. Read the full article here: V?k Prj?nsd?ttir

a time to be small

As a visual artist, teaching artist and former museum education director, I have a great enthusiasm for bringing the arts into community. I bring 9 years of experience working with diverse communitiesI have experience working with large or small groups and individuals in grade schools, university settings, detention centers, hospitals, libraries, adult/community centers, museums, festivals,

2nd Avenue

The graffiti artists I spoke with all echoed the same sentiment: The city can’t stop graffiti. The next best thing is to work to make it better. They want more public art walls. “If people have the time and opportunity to practice, the graffiti you see on the streets is going evolve,” says Scratchmaster Joe.

Fancy Pony Land

This Saturday from 3-7 we are hosting a trunk show for the lovely and talented Lorna Leedy of Fancy Pony Land. Please come down to see her new fall clothing group, train-squashed penny jewelry, kids tshirts, men’s and women’s original western snap shirts, felted wool accessories Read the full article here: Fancy Pony Land

Inspirational dandelions and poppies

Founded in 2002, Fancy is a Seattle based company focused on producing high quality, modern jewelry that is 100% handmade, of ethically sourced materials- all precious metals are recycled, all gemstones and diamonds are either repurposed or Kimberly Process approved. In addition to producing custom jewelry, Fancy stocks an eclectic assortment of jewelry and objects