Jewels and How to safeguard them

There are many natural materials called minerals, which are of different values and benefits. While some of these minerals are highly precious and widely accepted, others are not really known especially due to their little value. There are some of these natural materials that are used by man for ornaments just the way some are

Crimping Help Needed

I crimped #2 crimp beads on Beadalon 0.46mm 7 bead stringing wire and I could not make it hold.I did everything as instructed, but my crimping pliers could not snug the bead tightly (I did two-step crimping) and finally I just used tip of my pliers to flatten crimp bead.Thank you. Irina Collister. email: lisichka.moh@gmail.com

Glass Stretch Photo Jewelry Bracelets

I cannot seem to find them for less than $15 each. That seems like retail pricing even though it is on wholesale sites..Amazing new collection from Alissia Melka-Teichroew, also known as byAMT- the designer of the diamond ring collection and ‘ring a day’.They apparently aren’t real silver for that price even for wholesale. But I

Interview: Dixie Darling

Interview with Dixie Darling – one third of Fancy’s upcoming show ‘Accumulation’ First, lets start with where you get started, where’d you go to school? dd: I got my BFA, in painting, at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. After that I decided after spending two weeks at Penland that jewelry was for me, so,